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Glue BalmGlue Balm
Glue Balm
Sale priceFrom $35.00 NZD
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BOO- Basic Lash KitBOO- Basic Lash Kit
BOO- Basic Lash Kit
Sale priceFrom $189.00 NZD Regular price$225.00 NZD
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BOO- Professional Lash KitBOO- Professional Lash Kit
BOO- Professional Lash Kit
Sale priceFrom $365.00 NZD Regular price$449.00 NZD
Individual CreamIndividual Cream
Individual Cream
Sale price$71.00 NZD
Deluxe Lash & Brow BalmDeluxe Lash & Brow Balm
Deluxe Lash & Brow Balm
Sale price$109.00 NZD
3B Shields3B Shields
3B Shields
Sale priceFrom $37.00 NZD
Aqua Glue Gel
Aqua Glue Gel
Sale priceFrom $40.00 NZD
3B Lash Glue
3B Lash Glue
Sale priceFrom $40.00 NZD
Triangle ShieldsTriangle Shields
Triangle Shields
Sale price$52.00 NZD
3B Lash Tool3B Lash Tool
3B Lash Tool
Sale price$40.00 NZD
BOO- Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift PackBOO- Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift Pack
BOO- Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift Pack
Sale priceFrom $145.00 NZD
Lash Maximizing Cream 2.0Lash Maximizing Cream 2.0
Lash Maximizing Cream 2.0
Sale price$91.00 NZD
Advanced CourseAdvanced Course
Advanced Course
Sale priceFrom $345.00 NZD
Pain-Free Lash TapePain-Free Lash Tape
Pain-Free Lash Tape
Sale price$19.00 NZD
Silicone Applying BrushSilicone Applying Brush
Silicone Applying Brush
Sale price$19.00 NZD
Lash ShampooLash Shampoo
Lash Shampoo
Sale price$44.00 NZD
Slow-Drying Lash GlueSlow-Drying Lash Glue
Slow-Drying Lash Glue
Sale price$37.00 NZD
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BOO- Sample PackBOO- Sample Pack
BOO- Sample Pack
Sale priceFrom $41.00 NZD
Glue-Free Ascent ShieldsGlue-Free Ascent Shields
Glue-Free Ascent Shields
Sale price$52.00 NZD
4B Shields4B Shields
4B Shields
Sale priceFrom $42.00 NZD
Self-Heating Eye MaskSelf-Heating Eye Mask
Self-Heating Eye Mask
Sale price$30.00 NZD
Beginner CourseBeginner Course
Beginner Course
Sale priceFrom $625.00 NZD
Angled Applying Brush- 2203Angled Applying Brush- 2203
Angled Applying Brush- 2203
Sale price$26.00 NZD
3B Lash Glue in Tube3B Lash Glue in Tube
3B Lash Glue in Tube
Sale priceFrom $45.00 NZD

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