Training Policy

Training policy

By engaging in any training offered by Boo Beauty Bar, you acknowledge and affirm your complete understanding and acceptance of the terms set forth in our Training Policy.

Refund Policy for Online Training: Please be advised that we do not entertain requests for refunds pertaining to online training. This is due to the immediate dispatch of training materials to your inbox within a five-minute window from the time of purchase.


Policy Details:

a. Eligibility for Training: We extend the privilege of our training programs exclusively to individuals who are entirely unaffiliated with, and have no association to, other brands within the same industry.

b. Non-Disclosure and Copyright Protection: All training materials, generously provided by Boo Beauty Bar, are meticulously copyrighted and are intended solely for the educational use of individuals actively participating in our training programs. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or sharing of these materials is strictly prohibited.

c. Order Cancellation for Non-Compliance: In circumstances where an individual is discovered to be associated with or involved in another brand, we, without prior notification, assert the right to cancel their order. This decisive measure is undertaken to secure our training materials and preempt any unauthorized use.

d. Confidentiality Agreement: Trainees/students are emphatically mandated to endorse a confidentiality agreement, signifying their unwavering commitment to uphold the sanctity of all training materials disseminated by Boo Beauty Bar.

e. Reporting Violations: We emphatically encourage our trainees/students to promptly report any instances of unauthorized sharing or utilization of our training materials by individuals associated with other brands. This proactive measure bolsters our ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of our programs.

f. Disclaimer: Boo Beauty Bar explicitly absolves itself of any responsibility for any loss of access to training materials or associated refunds that may arise from order cancellations due to non-compliance with this policy.

Copyright Notice: All training materials dispensed by Boo Beauty Bar are internationally shielded by copyright law. The reproduction, distribution, transmission, display, publication, or broadcast of these materials without prior, express written permission from Boo Beauty Bar is strictly prohibited.

Ongoing Support: For individuals who have invested in Boo training sessions, be it online or in person, ongoing support is available within the parameters of the material covered. It is imperative that potential purchasers thoroughly review the training details prior to making a purchase to ensure alignment with their specific requirements.

Exceptions: Regrettably, ongoing support will not be extended to individuals who have initiated a chargeback against our online (non-physical materials) or to those who have not adhered to our Training Policy as stipulated above.

Your compliance with these policies is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your cooperation in upholding the quality and exclusivity of our training materials.


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