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Q. What is lash maximizer/ lash maximizing treatment?


:'Lash maximizer or lash maximizing treatment is a new name that BBB decided on for what people would normally call 'Lash botox' or 'Lash filler'.

The reason being is because those two names are very commonly used and we wanted to set ourselves apart from other brands.

Also those word can sometimes cause confusion to customers/ clients who are new to the lash industry, so we decided on 'Maximizer/ maximizing treatment' which is more straightforward and natural.

We would appreciate it if you could also use the words 'Maximizer/ maximizing treatment' if you use BOO line- This way, customers and clients alike will be able to recognize that you are associated with the BOO brand which will install confidence in the fact that you are using mild, good quality products on your clients/ customers.


Q. How does it benefit the lashes?

It will strengthen as well as nourish the lashes with vitamins, argan oil and proteins.

The main ingredients of the maximizing cream is peptides which combination with our blend of nutrients and minerals, will benefit your lashes by reducing breakage and promoting overall growth.

*Our BOO line is proudly vegan- the kit does NOT include collagen or keratin but vegetable protein such as corn protein, wheat protein that does mirror effect of collagen and keratin.


Q. How do I make a booking?

- Boo beauty bar doesn't take appointments but online training sessions only unfortunately.


Q. Can I reverse the lashes?

-Yes, you can. Please check the training booklets (Only Beginner course includes the information about reversing process).

Boo beauty bar unfortunately doesn't share the information that is included in the training materials to be fair to the beauticians who invested in the course. 


Q. I can't login to my account somehow, what should I do?

-If you only subscribe, it doesn't mean that you have an account with us but only your email is registered for our newsletter. You will still have to create an account or we have to manually invite you. Please make the account or contact us: Get in touch – Boo Beauty Bar


Q. When do I use the maximizing cream step?

-The cream can be applied before/ after tinting or can be applied with tinting step. 


Q. Do you have a sample kit?

-Unfortunately we do not have a sample kit.


Q. I'd like to wholesale your products. What do I do?

: Please fill out the form: Let's be partners – Boo Beauty Bar


Q. What is the expiry dates?

:The shelve life time of our kit is 1 year without opening or 3 months with opened condition.


Q. Can I use Boo- lash kit on brows too?

-Yes, Boo- lash kit can be used on brows too. Please apply the solutions for 2-3 minutes less timing.

For example, timing of lifting cream on the fine lashes- 10 minutes but the fine brows- 7-8 minutes.

*The kit does not come with instructions for brows but lashes only.


Q. I would like to purchase some items, but it's out of stock. What should I do?

-When some items are out of stock, you can sometimes 'pre-order' on certain items but when it's not an option, you will see 'Alert me' section right next to the product photo and you can simply enter your email and you will be notified when it's back in stock!


Q. Can I use Boo maximizing cream with other brands?

-Yes, the cream will work with any brand when used as the last step in the lash-lifting process, but for the best results it's recommended using the 'BOO' product line as each brand has a chemical makeup that helps each their process. 


Q. I haven't received any email back. What should I do?

-Please send us another inquiry. We check our emails everyday including spam and junk, however, if the email we received is wrong (If you fill out the form, please double check your email address)/ your mail box is full/ there's server error, the email we send will be bounced back to us.


Q. When are the items back in stock?

-Some of items go out of stock status sometimes and we usually have them back in 2 weeks time. Please make sure to write your email in 'Alert me' section that you can easily find on the product page to get a notification straight into your inbox when it's back

Also, Sign up to our newsletter is recommended as we share our latest news including estimated arrival dates, sales info and a lot of exciting information on new products!


Q. Where can I find the beauticians who use Boo products or trained by Boo beauty bar?

-We have trained over 800+ students worldwide, However, we cannot have access to the all the locations nor their business socials. The best way is to click 'Tagged' symbol on our instagram page to see who tagged us.


Q. Do you offer in-person training?

-We don't offer in-person training at this stage but will soon. Please keep an eye on our instagram story or sign up for our newsletter.


Q. What is the difference between beginners and advanced course?

: Beginners course is for someone who has never been in beauty or lash industry before or recently entered. It has a lot of basic information that will help understanding the overall knowledge of the lashes and lash-lifting.

Advanced course does NOT include basic information about the lash cycle, allergy reactions, pre-care/ after-care, how to do reverse and etc.

Please carefully read the descriptions to see what is included or not before purchasing the course as the ongoing support will only be available within the area where the training covers.


Q. Can I take the course from overseas?

: Yes!  All the materials (Booklets and videos) will be sent to your email within 5 hours after purchasing.





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