Lash lift master class & botox In person 1:1 Training

Hi, there! Thank you so much for your interest in our 'In person 1:1 Training'.

This course is designed for both beginners and trained lash technicians, the 'Lash lift master class & Lash botox Training' is a bespoke course that will teach you every single techniques of the lash treatment. This exclusive course will come with training videos and booklets that you can keep forever and access any time.

*Please note that this is NOT an accredited course.

The course is an all day course from 10am-5pm. We will go through theory booklets and videos with you, explain step by step and guide you when working on a model.

The fee is $1,550 and we currently don't offer payment plans.

You can find available dates here: available dates

To enrol, please fill out the form: Get in touch – Boo Beauty Bar


What will I be learning?

You will be learning advanced techniques that you need to create the most beautiful and dramatic look of lashes, as well as the botox treatment procedure.

This course was created to help people who want to be in the beauty industry but don't know where to start or beauticians who want to upgrade their skill to the next level.


What is included in the course?
  • Basic knowledge of lashes
  • Introduction to lash botox
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • In depth close up of the techniques
  • Tips and tricks on shields placement and lash placement
  • Reactions that may happen & how to treat the reactions
  • Pre-care and after-care
  • FAQ
  • Tips for social media marketing
  • Personalised Certificate
  • An exclusive discount for future orders from 'Boo beauty bar'
  • A model 



Q. I am a beginner/ have never been in the beauty industry. Would I able to start and finish the course?

: Yes, absolutely! This training covers everything you need to know from A to Z. You will have the full knowledge of lashes and how the treatment works after the training.


Q. I am already qualified. Do I still need this course?

:This course is perfect to the beauticians who have done the training(s) in the past but struggle to achieve the results you want or want to upgrade the skills to the next level. You'll be learning tips and tricks that you never know before and you will never fail on lifting game again!


Q. How long does this course take to complete?

: There is a theory booklet that has around 30 pages and videos that are 5-30 minutes long. Once you purchase the course, you will be able to download them and keep them which means you will have access to all the materials anytime and you can finish the course in your own pace.


Q. Can I take the course from overseas?

: Yes! All the materials (Booklets and videos) will be sent to your email within 24 hours after purchasing. If you are ordering the course with the kit, there will be shipping fee and please allow 10-30 business days to receive the goods with standard shipping and 7-14 business days with express shipping option.

*Unexpected delay may be caused from time to time 



"Hey, Betty! Just wanted to pop you a quick message and say thank you so much for all the online training information! I have absolutely loved learning and can't wait to bring your knowledge to the UK, I've definitely never received tips/ techniques like that before. Here is my before and after. Pretty pleased for the first attempt! I normally find the lashes don't lift to my desire but using your technique, I am shocked at the difference that makes!!"



"Betty, I just want to remind you how amazing you are. You are so supportive and so kind. You have so much patience and you genuinely make me feel so good about the work I do. You are the best teacher I've ever had, not just for the lashes but your ongoing support and kindness means so much. Thank you, I truly appreciate you and your support."



"Thank you for the training. I am still studying the documents and videos but I absolutely cannot wait to begin doing lashes on my models using your method, techniques and tips and tricks! Please accept my deepest thanks, I am eternally grateful and truly thankful for your incredible online training as 1:1 wasn't an option for me as I reside in Sydney. Thank you."



"Hello I just finished taking your course and wow I am super impressed and I've taken numerous courses over the past 5 years as a lash lift artist and this was by far one of my favorite trainings! So thank you!"



"I thought about doing your training for so long! I wish I did it sooner. I have a lot to still learn but I just watch your videos over and over. My work gets better each time."


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