Region Standard Shipping Express Shipping
USA DHL, 2-5 business days DHL, 1-3 business days
UK DHL, 2-5 business days DHL, 1-3 business days
Europe DHL, 3-6 business days DHL, 2-4 business days
Canada DHL, 2-5 business days DHL, 1-3 business days
New Zealand DHL, 2-4 business days DHL, 1-2 business days
Singapore DHL, 2-5 business days DHL, 1-3 business days
Other Asia DHL, 2-5 business days DHL, 1-3 business days
Australia AU Post, 2-5 business days AU Post, 1-3 business days


AUSTRALIA (Domestic): 

Orders are dispatched via Australia Post. Delivery typically occurs within 1-3 business days for express shipping and 2-5 business days for standard shipping, depending on your location within Australia.

Boo Beauty Bar is based in Melbourne, Australia.



1. Customs Duties and Taxes

Before placing an international order, please be sure to thoroughly research and understand the customs duties and taxes applicable in your country. It is essential to review these regulations and verify the ingredients of our products to ensure compliance with your local customs requirements.

2. Refund Policy for Shipment Return

Boo Beauty Bar maintains a strict policy regarding the refund of international shipments. We do NOT offer refunds for orders that are returned to us due to any failure on the recipient's part to fulfill customs duties, taxes, or any other responsibilities associated with the importation process. It is the sole responsibility of the receiver to meet these obligations.

3. Custom Duties Responsibility

Recipients are wholly accountable for paying any customs duties or taxes that are imposed by their respective countries during the importation of Boo Beauty Bar products. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the shipment being returned to us, and refunds will not be provided in such cases.

4. Shipping Carrier

For international orders, Boo Beauty Bar exclusively utilizes DHL Express as the primary shipping carrier. DHL Express is chosen for its reliability and efficiency in handling international shipments.

5. Estimated Delivery Time

The typical delivery timeframe for international orders is 1 to 3 business days with express shipping and 3 to 5 business days with standard shipping. These timelines may vary due to customs procedures and local delivery services. Refunds for delayed orders are not available. However, if express shipping is delayed, you may be eligible for a refund of the difference between express and standard shipping costs.

6. Headquarters Location

Boo Beauty Bar is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. All international orders are dispatched from this location.

7. Unforeseen Delays

Unforeseen delays, particularly those arising from factors such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, may occasionally affect the delivery of international orders. It is important to note that such delays are beyond our control. However, rest assured that we will make every effort to assist and accommodate you during such circumstances. This may include liaising with the shipping company, submitting necessary forms, or initiating investigations to expedite the delivery process.



  1. Boo beauty bar will not process for the collection of goods on weekends or public holidays as they apply nationally, and to each state.
  2. We provide customers with an estimated date of delivery, however, these estimates are subject to change and are not guaranteed.
  3. All parcels are tracked within Boo beauty bar's delivery providers- Australia post for orders from Australia or DHL for international orders.  
  4. Parcels may be left unattended at the delivery address when marked “Authority to Leave” or “ATL” if the delivery provider deems it safe to do so. Boo beauty bar holds no responsibility for goods left unattended at a delivery address when the parcel is marked “ATL”.
  5. Boo beauty bar rely upon the delivery details provided by the receiver, if an item is not accepted for delivery the parcel or has wrong address, may be returned to the Sender and Boo beauty bar is not responsible for resending the goods or refunding the payment.


At Boo Beauty Bar, we are committed to delivering a seamless shopping experience for our international customers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to customs regulations and tax responsibilities, which helps ensure a smooth and successful delivery of your order. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding international shipping, please do not hesitate to contact at for assistance.

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